Science kit

A progressive mind start with practicing amazing well designed  hassle free science

Explore the wonders of science with Japan designed science kit. Readied to learn, build and experience new way on how science works.

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Hands on learning

Science have never be so fun!

Improve knowledge and skill while having fun!

General Science
Skill set
Thinking skill
Problem solving
Logical thinking
Feel Achieved

Topic based science project

Bringing S.T.E.M Education to next level

Fun science courses to choose from

Educational science kits. Pick one or start with a mix with different science topics to choose from.

Experiment your favorite science topic today

Our science kit comes with wide range of science topics. Start with biology, physic, planetarium and many more.
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Interactive and exploration learning

Kits come with a lot of different experiment to test on each related phenomena that is very intriguing !

Many Experiment in 1 Kit at your choice

Our science kit designed and crafted in Japan for you to learn many different science phenomena in 1 kit.
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Guided book to focus on educational

Educational with focus on key learning objective. Every science kit comes with study guide to maximize learning and teaching!

Study guide for teachers or student

Our science kit provide study guide for teacher to teach or student to self learning and exploration. Works both ways with detail curriculum provided.
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Loved by kids. Used by many.

Our science kit are mapped to KSSR and KSSM curriculum as well as international UK and Japan Science

Select your science topic to be amazed and learn!

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Give the best to the future generation