Explore Malaysia
this School Holiday

Explore Malaysia by programming a
robot to solve series of missions.
Super fun and educational !!!

Software Licence + Study Booklet

from RM 150

Unforgettable experience

Explore Malaysia Camp is a fun coding game for 7 to 12 years old . Build with an exploration scene for the robot to collect a puzzle alphabet and at the same time learn about Malaysia! Along the way learning key concept of coding and robotics during this journey.

Coding Concept Taught

Fundamental Programming

Fundamental Robotics

Teach Coding by exploring Malaysia

Fun in learning

Nothing more engaging than making it fun and interactive. Learning with game gives new level of engagement. Learning hard topic can never be so easy.

Learn coding concept

Concept on coding provide a baseline to learn multiple programming language. Getting them right is the foundation to strive in 21st century learning.

Self-guided learning

Embedded with tutorial and lesson plan to learn and test immediately. Self-paced and guided to learn.

What are you waiting for ?

Join us and get a access to the software and study booklet to learn, explore and have fun in exploring Malaysia !
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