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What you need to know our three components?

Logic Puzzles

Follow simple rules to match shapes and turn gears while learning how to use visualization and spatial reasoning, by solving 12 types of puzzles with simple rules but tricky answers.

Class 1
Balance Game
Class 2
Matching Shapes
Class 5
Turning Gears
Class 6
3D Puzzles
Class 7
Frames Puzzles
Class 12
Locking Puzzles
Class 1
Driving Cars
Class 6
Paper Planes
Class 11
On Rocky Roads
Class 14
The Walkbot
Class 19
Ride the Monorail
Class 24
Cleaning Up

Remarkable Robots

Build real-time mechanical robots, combining blocks, motor, and gears to male a range and learn how each robot works and the mechanisms which power them before making one of own.

Prime Programming

Use integrated sensors and LEDs as to build and program 13 robots, learning how to make robotic cars drive and turn the lights using a beginner and kid-friendly software environments.

Class 1
Get Your Car Moving
Class 2 & 3
Self-Driving Cars
Class 8
Controlling Light & Sound
Class 12 & 13
Escaping Mazes
Class 16 & 17
Sensor Control
Class 20
Touch-free Driving

Robot Programming School

What you need to know our key components?
Detailed teacher's guidelines for every lesson, explaining the goals, lesson structure, and tips to help guide your classroom and manage your time effectively!
Student textbooks covering everything from real-life applications of the technology to building and programming it in order to teach real robotics knowledge
Applied learning missions after every lesson to test students' newly-acquired knowledge and give them an opportunity to exercise their own creativity and problem-solving skills.


First Registration
RM 50 One-Off Payment
Siblings' Discount (50%)


Subject Fee
RM 180 Once a Week (per hour)
Material Fee + Activity Book
Monthly Fee payment

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