Get a FREE ROBOT SET by joining our paid workshop. Endorsed by Ministry of Education Malaysia (KPM)

Only available for schools of any kind

Limited time and seat available
RM 45 per pax

ROBOT4SCHOOL ONLINE USES simulated robotic system just like real.

Robotic workshop using one of the most innovative system yet!

Our simulation robotic program (GoTechUp) uses Nvidia© physicX engine to compute a its physic to simulate its movement and reaction.

Robot4School Online teaches coding concept and thinking skill with joyful and educative crafted syllabus.

Skill expose from Robot4school

To Code

Learning graphical programming concept (Scratch) to instruct GoTechUp to move

To Practice

Numerous levels with different scenarios to simulate minds for problem solving

To Apply

Learn to apply concept from the workshop and relate them into real world application