ArtecRobo Advanced (Paper/Gift Box)


With the Artec Advanced Kit it is possible to easily assemble and program various robot models by combining different types of blocks with servomotors, DC motors and various sensors.

After assembly, you can program the Arduino-compatible board using Studuino: just click and drag the programming blocks, change its variables and synchronize your program with the integrated board and see how your robot interacts with the environment.

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What is inside?

Studuino with base mount and cover – 1pc
Battery box with cable – 1pc
USB cable – 1pc
Sensor connecting cable (4-wire, 50cm) – 1pc
Sensor connecting cables (3-wire, 30cm) – 2pc
Sensor connecting cables (3-wire, 15cm) – 8pc
Servomotor extension cables – 2pc
DC motors – 2pc
Servomotors – 8pc
LEDs (red, green, white, blue) – 4pc
Buzzer – 1pc
IR Photoreflectors – 2pc
Sound sensor – 1pc
Light sensor – 1pc
Touch sensor – 1pc
Accelerometer – 1pc
Basic cube (white) – 20pc
Basic cubes (clear) – 4pc
Triangle A (gray) – 8pc
Triangle A (clear) – 2pc
Half A (light gray) – 11pc
Half B (blue) – 12pc
Half C (light aqua) – 54pc
Half D (aqua) – 30pc
Axles – 8pc
O-rings – 4pc
Wheels – 4pc
Disks – 2pc
Block remover -1pc

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