ArtecRobo 2.0 Prime Code


ArtecRobo 2.0 Prime Code was made especially for students who have no experience with programming and robotics to learn coding in Python step-by-step as well as those with beginning experience in Python to level-up their skills in advanced concepts like robotics, IoT and AI.

It comes with all of the hardware, software and parts that you need to start making your own projects plus a complete 2-year, 96-lesson-long online curriculum using the simple yet powerful editor Typora.

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ArtecRobo 2.0 lets you build complex systems that use multiple devices at once by connecting them with wireless communications. Don’t stop at making one traffic signal, make a whole network of coordinated signals and cars that stop and go automatically!

What is inside?

Studuino:bit Core Unit – 1pc
Robot Expansion Unit – 1pc
Battery box – 1pc
DC motor – 2pc
Servomotors – 2pc
IR Photoreflector – 1pc
Color sensor – 1pc
Ultrasonic sensor – 1pc
USB Cable microB – 1pc
Sensor connecting cable (3-wire, 15cm) – 1pc
Sensor connecting cable (3-wire, 30cm) -1pc
Sensor connecting cable (4-wire, 30cm) – 1pc
Basic cube (various colors) – 30pc
Triangle A (gray, red) – 8pc
Half A (light gray) – 6pc
Half B (gray, black, red) – 6pc
Half C (white) – 20pc
Half D (white) – 10pc
Beams – 7pc
Gears (L) – 2pc
Gears (S) – 2pc
Gear rack- 1pc
Tire – 1pc
Disks – 2pc
Axles – 6pc
Block remover – 1pc


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