Artec Blocks ROBO Link-B


ArtecRobo Link-B is a universal electronic construction kit that includes 88 elements for individual assembly of 7 robots with a wide range of functions. It can be used to learn about simple machines, mechanical linkages, cranks, gears, motors and more. This kit will push you to use complex thinking in order to build a robot in different ways, and helps with problem solving and design skills.

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This kit includes 88 building blocks, 2 motors and 2 remote controllers. Innovative building blocks based on the shape of a cube that have marked square holes and one protruding pin. These are the only blocks in the world, which can be combined on all sides! This gives endless possibilities of creating spatial forms. Blocks are made of extremely durable and pleasant plastic so they will serve for many years. Although, the blocks are completely different from anything you have ever known, you will immediately know how to play with them. You can make a hand-crank generator by combining the axle with blocks. Observe how electricity flows and how the generator works. Use the switches to control the gearbox. With this kit you can build the following and even more robots:

  • Four-legged robot
  • Walking robot
  • Power source: AA batteries (2 pcs. not included).
  • Enables to use complex thinking to build new robots in a creative way.
  • Great illustrated, interactive, and informative study guide included in kit.
  • Great for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) related curriculum.
Material plastic
Power AA batteries (2 pcs.)
Package size 165 × 225 × 70 mm
Package weight 0,6 kg
Age 8+ years

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