Artec Hands-On Learning Water Purification Kit


Challenge your child’s imagination with Artec Science Hands On Learning Series!

This personal water purification kit demonstrates the scientific way to filter water. More than 5 experiments and general information included. Perfect for teachers to run school holiday workshop or even parents to allow kids to self learn hands on learning at home. Homeschool parents would love this topic!

The kit contains:

– plastic filter system

– active carbon

– sand

– rock

– filter paper.

– >5 experiments to be tested!

Perfect for young science enthusiasts, especially those with an interest in chemistry and the environment.

Detailed instructions for use and care are included.

Recommended for ages 8 years and up.


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Apply the concept of water purification and apply the concept of clean water and sanitation through filtration and distillation experiment

The Kit includes a book that gives an in-depth guide to the mechanism of purifying water!

Package Contents:

  • Construction kit:
    • Evaporating Dish – 1pc
    • Evaporating Dish Cover – 1 pc
    • Cup with 2 holes – 2 pc
    • Cup with 4 holes – 2 pc
    • Cup Holder – 1 pc
    • Non- perforated cup – 1 pc
    • Activated carbon – 1 pack
    • Gravel – 1 pc (Large particles)
    • Sand – 1 pc (Small particles)
    • Filter paper – 10 pc
    • User guide — 1 pc

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