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About Gakken Classroom

Gakken was established 70 years ago since April 1946 by an education group in Japan with its core to bring the best out of kids through Gakken Classroom. With customised learning progression for each individual, bringing the joy of learning to each student. Gakken Classroom is also available in TechUp, located at Shah Alam

The Gakken Classroom Philosophy

To teach our students so that they may experience joy of learning and have self-confidence. We offer customized education according to their ability. The acquisition of skills and confident through active learning will become a valuable life skill for them.


Establish Fundamental Academy Abilities​. Learning the logic and core explanation of mathematics.

No Grading

Providing learning environment without judging but to enable joyfulness to learn and encouragement to do correction.

Self learning

Providing learning as your child responsibilities. Your child learning pace and ownership embedded in them.

Well rounded

Learning outside books. Inculcate discipline, soft skills in every lessons to encourage a well rounded skills.

Higher Order Thinking Skill (HOTS) Centric

Gakken Mathematic worksheet is designed to develop fundamental understanding with “thinking process” behind problem solving and based on core academic skills.

70 years of curriculum design experience

Gakken Classroom curriculum and learning system came with 70 years of experience in teaching Japanese children. The modules created enable students to practice Higher Order Thinking (HOTS) skills. 


Learning Center Around the Globe

Teaching mathematics aligned with majority learning plan in the world


Students Around the Globe

Benefited with this successful curriculum that changed mathematics as a fun subject


Gakken Centre in Malaysia

Gakken Classroom Shah Alam one of the top performing centres in Malaysia


Our teachers are trained monthly by Gakken Classroom Headquarters to deliver thee top notch quality in teaching and delivering Gakken Content. We are devoted to provide the best for our children and the future of Malaysia.

Gakken Classroom Shah Alam

Our successful center lies in our dedicated and passionate teachers.
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Making your child love learning is not that hard. Just a touch of passionate teachers and well designed curriculum will do the magic. Your child love towards learning can start here at Gakken Classroom Shah Alam. 


First Registration
RM 50 One-Off Payment
Siblings' Discount (50%)


Subject Fee
RM 190 Twice a Week (per hour)
Gakken’s Bag + Classwork + Homework
Monthly Fee Payment Benefits

Maths Is FUN !

Remember, this is your chance to learn mathematics!

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