We bring all in one S.T.E.M solution for the complex needs of the education industry.

Robotics, Programming, Science and Mathematics from kindergarten to high school.

Robotics class with GoTechUp

Give your child the opportunity to take the robotics classes online without the need for robotics set at home. GoTechUp is a robotic simulation software that aims to personalize the learning of coding and S.T.E.M skills while encouraging progression through gamification

Hands-On Science Lab

Children will experience the inquisitive process of making predictions, assumptions, conducting experiments based on the predictions, contempleting results and devising conclusion and relating the experiments with REAL WORLD experience.

Gakken Maths Classroom

Children able to develop independence in solving problems on their own. This attitude makes a big difference in children and will contribute greatly to your child's future success in life.

Our S.T.E.M educator

Teacher Sakina

Senior Stem Instructor

Teacher Atiqah

STEM Instructor

Pn Syarida

STEM Consultant

Teacher Ida

STEM Instructor

S.T.E.M Space Classes

Robotics Class

STEM Class (Online)

Gakken Classroom

We believe in Fundamental Learning

Our student journey will only be deemed successful when they enjoy the learning process while parents and teachers equipped with the right tools and modules to facilitate and support through the process. Transforming the education is a daily initiatives for us

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