Unlike any others Artec blocks are made with progressive in mind. Upon completion Artec Blocks freedom to build, children have a chance to progress to AIA and robot programming school.

Blocks that widely used for educations

Widely used in many schools and kindergarten to build and learn!!!

Build with your own ways

15 opening and a single connecting stud.
With 60 different ways to put them together

Bring out the best in a child

Benefiting children at different ages.

Giving children the opportunity to touch a variety of shapes and surfaces helps stimulate and sharpen their senses!

Building, rebuilding and the instant satisfaction of playing with something that they made themselves keeps a children engaged, moving and having fun!

Blocks are one of the best way to let children express their developing minds. Whether giving them something to build or allowing them to invent their own games, an extra dose of  encouragement can be a huge creative boost to them!

World theme series blocks

Explore our many World series blocks to build and learn about different kind of animals and objects

from RM 29

Building Blocks for Fun Learning Games

20 different games to learn mathematics and challenge your kids with puzzle in a fun way !

Develop your kids minds with an interactive games! 

Unlimited possibilities with our assorted set!

1 set for unlimited build 

Come in a mixture of colourful bright blocks to create anything that the children imagine. 

If you are a kindergarten and would like to know more about how the products are used in classroom, do contact us for Classroom Bundle.

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