Is your child exposed to the screen for a long time? Or maybe your child gets angry when you limit their screen time? You are parents but not able to solve it? Let us help! You just need to turn your child’s attention to something that is more fun! Our Animals On The Go can help you! Your child can play while learning with our product, get it now! No more screen time exceeding the limit!


About Animals On The Go

Some might wonder why should they bought this Animals On The Go and what is interesting about this thing? Animals On The Go is very interesting because it provides skills development and also a good learning outcome for children and adults.

From Japan

Animals On The Go is the best product to learn about the basics of mechanics from Japan.

Robotic & STEM

Your kids can start learn about robotics and STEM as early as their 4 Years old for them to get early exposure to STEM.

Basic Mechanics

Children learn about basic mechanics where they can build and move their block constructions.


Can build more than 3 animals using this set and suitable for children.

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